Mainz Transportation

This is a description on how to travel within Mainz/Wiesbaden, in particular for those who are unfamiliar with public transportation in Germany.

Local public transportation is organized by a consortium ("RMV" or Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund) of all local providers. Therefore, a single ticket is valid for a all trains/trams/buses etc. within the Mainz/Wiesbaden area. You can buy tickets from the bus driver or you have to use a ticket machine, which you can find at most stops and at the train station.

There are special tickets and fares within Mainz/Wiesbaden: A regular single ticket (Einzelfahrschein) is 2.50 , and at the vending machines you can buy a bundle of 5 such tickets for 9.85 . Alternatively, there are tickets valid for a whole day (Tagesfahrschein), either for one person or up to 5 persons traveling together for 5.90 and 8.80, respectively.

Mainz central station (Hauptbahnhof) is also the hub for the local public transportation, cf. line grid. The stop for the conference venue is "Rheingoldhalle/Rathaus" and is served by bus lines # 54-57, 60, 61, 68-71, 90, 91 (pretty near-by are also the stops "Fischtor" and "Brückenplatz/Landtag"). To take a bus from the train station to the conference venue, go to the bus departure platform I and take any bus # 54-57, 71, 90, 91. The intermediate stops are Münsterplatz, Schillerplatz, and Höfchen.

For regional travel to the north and east, e.g. Frankfurt (-Airport), the RMV is responsible; you can get tickets from any bus driver or at RMV vending machines at the station.

Mainz is also part of another Verkehrsverbund (RNN) for regional travel to the south and west (e.g. Bingen); again tickets can be bought at the buses going to those destinations or from the RNN vending machine at the station.

For long distance travel by train (e.g. to Koblenz, Heidelberg) you have to use the Deutsche Bahn (DB) vending machine or (at some additional cost) the DB counters at the station.