Airport Transportation

This is a detailed description on how to travel from Frankfurt Rhein-Main airport to Mainz, in particular for those who are unfamiliar with this airport and with public transportation in Germany.

You will arrive in Frankfurt airport either in Terminal 1 (mainly Star Alliance airlines) or Terminal 2 - Concourses A, B, C, and Z belong to Terminal 1, while D and E are in Terminal 2 map. Each Concourse has its own baggage claim area, just follow the baggage claim signs. Having cleared immigration (coming from a non-Schengen destination, only) and customs, the cheapest way to go to Mainz is by (local) train. The local train station is in the basement of of Terminal 1 near Concourse B (also with direct access from Concourse A). From Concourse C walk towards Concourse B. From Terminal 2 you have to take the 'Sky Line' first, exiting at stop Concourse B. In addition, here is also a free ground shuttle bus between the two terminals.
Local and regional public transportation is organized by a consortium ("RMV" or Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund) of all local providers. Therefore, there is one ticket valid for a all trains/trams/buses etc. in a certain area. They have their own tickets and fares. You can buy such tickets at the RMV Mobilitätszentrale (often long waiting times) or you have to use a ticket machine (pict. 1). There are several of them at the street level of Concourse B. At the bottom of the touch screen (pict.2) you can choose your language (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish). Either you find the destination Mainz (or Wiesbaden - the ticket is the same) on the screen, or you use the keypad (pict. 3) by inserting "6500", which is the code for Mainz (for your return trip: the code for the airport is 5090). Second, you have to choose the type of ticket you need (pict. 4). The left column is for adults, the right one for children. If you travel in a group, for up to 3 persons separate 'single tickets' are favorable, while for 4 or 5 persons a 'group ticket' (valid all day) should be chosen. You will then be asked (pict. 5), whether you want to travel via Frankfurt (which does not make any sense) or via Rüsselsheim, which you should take; the fare is 4,10 for the single and 14,00 for the group ticket.
In case you need more than one ticket, push the field
(pict. 6) 'additional ticket' at the bottom of the screen and, subsequently, (pict. 7) 'same destination' and repeat the procedure described above.
If the tickets are chosen you can proceed to the payment procedure. On the right hand side of the machine (pict. 8) there are several options how to pay - generally for foreigners only cash is a viable method. You can insert coins (upper left) and bills (lower right), even mixed. The machine, however, will accept only bills that are not too large compared to the price (make sure when exchanging money that you get also small bills, like 5 and 10 ). The tickets and the change will - after some time - show up in the compartment below the screen; wait until all tickets are issued and all change has been dispensed.
Local trains to Mainz depart from track 3 in the basement. You can take any train labelled RE or RB and the S-8 trains - they all stop at Mainz Hauptbahnhof (central station). The journey will take less than half an hour. You can hardly miss that station, just wait until you have crossed the river Rhine (with a magnificent view on the 'skyline' of Mainz on your right) and have just passed a longer tunnel.
At the airport you should NOT take S-9 trains, since these trains take a different route and do not pass Mainz Hauptbahnhof (if you stay on the other bank of the Rhine, S-9 may be fine dropping off at Mainz-Kastel).
Having arrived at the station, your ticket is still valid for any onward bus/tram travel to your hotel or the conference center.

There are also long-distance trains (EC, IC, and ICE) connecting the airport and Mainz non-stop. They depart from track 6 or 7 at the long-distance train station. They are more expensive (8 or 12 ) and less frequent (only one train per hour), but slightly faster (ca. 15 min.). Note: In the EC, IC or ICE trains the tickets of the RMV (see above) are not valid. To ride these trains you need a ticket of German Rail (DB = Deutsche Bundesbahn). Such tickets are sold on the way to tracks 6 and 7.