Get-together / Excursion / Dinner





A Get-together (welcome reception) will take place in the foyer of the Rheingoldhalle (conference venue) on Sunday, August 19, from 6 pm to 9 pm.
Snacks with beverages and drinks will be served.
The area is adjacent to the registration desk (open 2 pm - 8pm on Sunday).

We invite all participants and accompanying persons to take the opportunity of meeting old friends and colleagues and establishing new contacts and connections. It is also the right time to arrange meetings and discussions for the week to come. 

In the middle of the scientific program, on Wednesday, August 22, we will have the traditional Conference Excursion including the Conference Dinner. We will explore a good part of the Unesco world heritage, Upper Middle-Rhine Valley.
This 'cultural landscape', which is famous for its great diversity and beauty, is best experienced from the middle of the river on a boat. This valley is the quintessence of the romantic Rhineland thanks to sloping hillsides covered with vineyards, picturesque villages and towns on the narrow river banks, and numerous castles sitting upon high cliffs. This relaxing boat trip allows for recharging the mental batteries, ample small talks, and even serious discourses. 

Our special boat will wait for us at the pier in front of the Rheingoldhalle and all participants and accompanying persons can start to board at about 1pm. The departure time is 1:30 pm (13:30h) sharp - the boat will not wait for anybody. Be aware that the temperatures felt on the boat are lower than the real ones, and usually it is cooling off in the evening, so bring a jacket or something similar with you. On a sunny day, which we hope for, the combination of sun, wind, and water, rapidly leads to a sun burn, if no precautions are taken (a hat is often recommended). We will post a weather forecast for Wednesday on the message board.

The MS RheinEnergie of the Köln-Düsseldorfer (KD) shipping company is a large boat with interior and exterior decks on different levels. The Rhine is a small river (on a global perspective) running smoothly, so there is no risk of becoming seasick. The light lunch of this day will already be taken on board right after the departure. During the trip there is the possibility for having coffee and beverages, and light snacks or cake all the time. When entering the boat (with your badge!) you will get some vouchers, which you can redeem on the boat during the afternoon. The conference dinner (included in the conference registration), a three-course buffet, will be offered in the evening. We will return late, but certainly before 10 pm.