Optional Events





We offer the following social and touristic, optional activities during ILCC 2012:

- the tours, except 3), are organized and conducted by the Touristik Zentrale Mainz
- all tours start and end at the Rheingoldhalle (conference venue)
- all tours are in English
- booking is done on a first-come-first-served basis
- events with a participation limit may be filled already before the deadline

1) Monday, August 20, 2012 (cancelled)

Kupferberg - a sparkling wine company:

A visit of the Kupferberg sparkling wine company combines wine culture with art. The display of an antique glass collection and the introduction to the Kupferberg history sets your mood for the walk through the impressive seven level underground vaults (elevator available). Here, the sparkling wine producing processes will be explained and illustrated by many exhibits. You will finish your tour with a tasting of the unique Kupferberg sparkling wine (20 participants minimum).

Duration: 2 hours (including walk to the premises and back)
Start: 2 pm at the Rheingoldhalle
Fee: EUR 16.50 per person includes guided tour, entrance fees and a glass of sparkling wine
Booking: before August 10, 2012, using the program form of the Touristik Zentrale, Mainz.

2) Tuesday, August 21, 2012 (cancelled)

Mainz City-tour:

Mainz is a city of many faces with a diverse history. Romans, archbishops, electoral princes and Napoleon are among the many diverse personalities who left their mark on "Golden Mainz". A guided city tour allows you to experience "2000 years of history at every step" visiting the impressive 1000 year old Cathedral noticing how it has evolved over the centuries, the old city with its half-timbered houses and baroque buildings, and the Gutenberg museum. There you can enjoy a demonstration of printing with moveable letters as has been invented 500 years ago by Gutenberg, and you can admire the exhibition of one of the first, world-famous 42-line bibles printed by him (minimum 15 participants).

Duration: 2 hours
Start: 2 pm at the Rheingoldhalle
Fee: EUR 12.00 per person includes guided tour and entrance fees
Booking: before August 10, 2012, using the program form of the Touristik Zentrale, Mainz.

3) Tuesday, August 21, 2012 (sold out)

Dinner and Wine Tasting:

We will visit a winery close to Nierstein situated in the midst of vineyards on top of the rolling hills that escort the river Rhine. A typical warm meal of the region will be served (vegetarian possible) accompanied by local wines. You can relax and enjoy a fantastic view that extends from the nearby river to the distant skyscrapers of Frankfurt (weather permitting). A traditional wine tasting will follow featuring the famous Riesling wines (among others) with explanations and informations about contemporary organic wine growing and production. There will be the possibility for a short walk into the vineyards or a peek into the production premises (120 participants maximum).

Duration: 4 hours
Start: 6 pm at the Rheingoldhalle
Fee: EUR 55.00 per person includes bus transfer, dinner, and wine tasting
Booking: before June 26, 2012, together with the conference registration through the registration portal, or, at a later time, by sending an email to tg@gdch.de

4) Thursday, August 23, 2012 (cancelled)

Visit the Rheingau Region:

Between Wiesbaden and Rüdesheim, on the right-hand bank of the Rhine, lies the Rheingau region. Your first stop will be Kloster Eberbach, a former Cistercian monastery. On its premises the indoor scenes of the famous movie "The name of the Rose" (Sean Connery starring) were shot. A short drive then takes you to Rüdesheim, where you have the possibility to have a short lunch. A guided city tour as well as a ride with the cable car to the Niederwald monument are on the itinerary next. The view over the vineyards and the extended Rhine valley, with Bingen's "Mäuseturm" on a small island, is breathtaking. The excursion concludes with a stroll through the famous "Drosselgasse" alley (minimum 30 and maximum 50 participants).
Duration: 6 hours
Start: 11 am at the Rheingoldhalle
Fee: EUR 61.00 per person includes bus transportation and qualified tour guide, entrance to Eberbach monastery, and round trip with the cable car to the Niederwald monument
Booking: before August 10, 2012, using the program form of the Touristik Zentrale, Mainz.

5) Thursday, August 23, 2012 (cancelled)

Moguntiacum - a Roman City:

This guided tour through "Moguntiacum" (the historical Mainz) takes you from the old Roman ships (exposed in the museum for ancient seafaring and ship building) to the excavations of a Roman theatre. On the premises of the baroque fortress "Zitadelle" we will see the "Drususstein" (historical Roman rock) and conclude our tour at the "Kästrich" area near the foundations of a Roman gate (minimum 15 participants).
Duration: 2 hours
Start: 2 pm at the Rheingoldhalle
Fee: EUR 8.00 per person includes guided tour and entrance fees

Booking: before August 10, 2012, using the program form of the Touristik Zentrale, Mainz.


Additional Sightseeing:

In case you are interested in additional sightseeing, either during the conference or before/after it, we have listed here some interesting places:

- Chagall's stained glass windows in St. Stefan, Mainz, where you can also find a splendid gothic cloister, (info)
- The Römisch-Germanische Zentralmuseum, Mainz, world-famous for its conservation and preservation achievements (info)
- The unique Fastnachts (carnival) museum, Mainz (info in German)
- The baroque/rococo churches St. Peter, St. Augustine, and St. Ignatius, Mainz (info)
- The annual wine market of Mainz starts on August 23, 2012, in the Rosengarten/Volkspark area (info)
- Wiesbaden (Kurhaus, Kochbrunnen, Neroberg etc.) (info)
- Schloss Johannisberg, where 'Spätlese' has accidentally been discovered (info)
- Bad Kreuznach (houses on the bridge, valley of the salterns) (info) and Bad Münster a.St. (Rheingrafenstein, Ebernburg) (info)
- Marksburg, the only medieval castle along the Rhine that has never been destroyed (info)
- Oppenheim (Katharinen church, old town with underground labyrinth) (info in German)
- The romanesque cathedrals in Worms (info) and Speyer (info), completing (with Mainz) the triad of "imperial cathedrals"
- The Messel pit with extraordinary well preserved oil shale fossils from 50 million years ago (info)
- Fort Saalburg, a reconstructed Roman fortification at the "Limes Germanicus", Rome's wall against the Germanic tribes (info)
- Frankfurt (Römer, Städel Museum, Senckenberg Museum, Paulskirche, Palmengarten, Old Opera, Sachsenhausen, Goethe House) (info)
- Heidelberg (info)