Plenary and Invited Speakers


The following plenary lectures are confirmed:

Sin-Doo Lee
(Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea) 
Molecular-Level Interfacial Modification for Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics

Klaus Müllen
(Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany)

Graphens and their Self-Organization

Igor Musevic
(University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Nematic Colloids: Topology and Photonics

Peter Palffy-Muhoray
(Kent State University, Kent OH, USA)

Mesomorphic Metamaterials


Industrial keynote lecture:

Michael Wittek
(Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany)
New Materials for Polymer Stabilized LCD Modes


The following invited lectures are confirmed:

Mojca Cepic 
(University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Liquid crystals in the lecture room - what and how to teach?


Noel Clark
(University of Colorado, Boulder CO, USA) 
Chiral Adsorption, Templating, and Separation by Bent-Core Helical Nanofilaments


Nandor Eber
(Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary) 
Competition between Electric Field Induced Equilibrium and Dissipative Patterns at Low Frequency Driving in Nematics


Alexey Eremin
(Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany)
Past and Present of Research on Freely Suspended Liquid Crystal Fibers: From Discotic Strands to Ferroelectric Fibers


[Andy Y.-G. Fuh] M.-S. Li
(National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan)
Photonic Crystals based on HPDLCs doped with an azo dye


James T. Gleeson
(Kent State University, Kent OH, USA)
Recent Developments on Bent-Core Nematic Liquid Crystals


Patrick Keller
(Institut Curie, Paris, France)
Microstructured and responsive biomimetic surfaces made of nematic LCEs


Hoi S. Kwok
(University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China)
Generation of arbitrary alignment angles in a liquid crystal cell and its applications


Henk N. W. Lekkerkerker
(University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Gelation versus Liquid Crsytal Phase Transitions in Suspensions of Charged Mineral Colloidal Platelets
[had to be cancellled and is replaced by]
Gert J. Vroege
(University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions in Suspensions of Charged Mineral Colloids: Rods, Platelets and Boards


Georg H. Mehl
(University of Hull, Hull, UK) 
Designing liquid crystal superlattice forming gold nanoparticles and controlling the self-assembly behaviour


Antonio F. Neto
(University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)
Nonlinear properties of Lyotropic-like human lipoproteins


Mikhail Osipov
(University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK) 
Molecular Models for unconventional Smectics A and C and different mechanisms of smetic ordering


Evgeny Pozhidaev
(Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia)
Deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystals with subwavelength pitch: material science, physics and applications


Alexandro Rey
(McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
Structure and Dynamics of Biological Liquid Crystals


Blanca Ros
(University of Zaragoza, Spain)
Supramolecular architectures from bent-core based dendritic molecules


Kattera A. Suresh
(Centre for Soft Matter Research, Bangalore, India)
Spreading and retraction dynamics of a dye doped smectic domain at the air-water interface


Hajime Tanaka
(University of Tokyo, Komaba Tokyo, Japan)
Frustration-induced topological defects in liquid crystals and their applications


Carsten Tschierske
(Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle, Germany)
Molecular Design at the Cross-over Between Rod-like and Bent-core Mesogens: 4-Cyanoresorcinol Derivatives


Jagdish K. Vij
(Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland)
Spontaneous periodic deformations and linear optical response in nonchiral bimesogens with a nematic-nemantic transition


Claudio Zannoni
(University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy) 
Liquid crystal molecular organizations: from the bulk to interfaces


Symposium: Shape-memory elastomers


Weimin Huang
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Polymeric shape memory materials and actuators


Tomiki Ikeda
(Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan)
Photomobile Polymer Materials - Structures and Functions


Philippe Poulin
(Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal – CNRS, Pessac, France)
Temperature Memory of Polymer Actuators


Eugene Terentjev
(University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK)
Photo-actuation in liquid crystal elastomers and orientationally ordered nanocomposites


Tim White
(AF Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB OH, USA) 
Optical and Thermal Shape Memory in Glassy Liquid Crystalline Polymer Networks


Symposium: Self-organization in opto-electronic materials 


Denis Andrienko
(Max Planck Instiute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany)
Relationship between supramolecular assembly and charge-carrier mobility in discotic liquid crystals


Jun-ichi Hanna
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan)
Liquid Crystals as an organic semiconductor - from materials to devices


Sang Ouk Kim
(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea)
Tailored Assembly of Graphitic Carbon Materials for Optoelectronics


Changhee Lee
(Seoul National University , Seoul, Korea)
Efficient quantum-dot light-emitting diodes for full-color displays


Kwang-Sup Lee
(Hannam University, Daejeon, Korea)
Metallic Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots Containing Patterns by Two-Photon Stereolithography


[Iain McCulloch] C. Nielsen
(Imperial College, London, UK)
Semiconducting Polymers for Transistors and Solar Cells


Chris Ober
(Cornell University, Ithaka N.Y., USA)

An Orthogonal Solution


Mary O'Neill
(University of Hull, UK)
Semiconducting nematic mesogens and reactive mesogens



 Symposium: Liquid crystal aspects of active media


Zvonimir Dogic
(Brandeis University, Waltam MA, USA)
Spontaneous beating and enhanced mixing of active microtubule bundles in vitro


M. Cristina Marchetti
(Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, USA)
Hydrodynamics of Living Liquid Crystals


Ken Sekimoto
(Universite Paris Diderot, Paris, France)
Elastic anisotropy scenario for cooperative binding of kinesin coated beads on micrutube

Sriram Ramaswamy
(Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
Active matter with translational elasticity
[had to be cancelled and is replaced by]
Christine Peter
(Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany)
Examples for transferability challenges in multiscale simulation models: Liquid crystalline phase transitions and biomolecular aggregation


Daniel Svensek
(University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Mesoscopics aspects of active LC systems



 Symposium: Liquid crystal aspects of bio-polymers and bio-membranes


Takashi Kato
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
Bio-inspired Materials Design of Functional Liquid Crystalline Assemblies and Hybrids


Sebastien Lecommandoux
(University of Bordeaux, Pessac, France)
Biomimetic and ordered smart polymer-based vesicles


Harm-Anton Klok
(Ecole Polytechnique Fed. de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Designing Supramolecular Assemblies to Combat Diseases
[had to be cancelled and is replaced by] 
Anja Kroeger
(Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany)
Biomimetric Membranes: Mechanisms of Nanoparticle Uptake


Min-Hui Li
(Institut Curie, Paris, France)
Liquid Crystalline Polymer Vesicles: Thermotropic Phases in Lyotropic Structures and Their Potential Applications in Controlled Release


Wolfgang Meier
(University of Basel, Switzerland) 
Block Copolymer and Peptide Membranes


A considerable number of additional invited lectures has been chosen from the submitted abstracts, in order to guarantee timeliness of the scientific program.