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24th International Liquid Crystal Conference

ILCC 2012

August 19th - 24th 2012, Mainz, Germany


The mission of this biennial conference is to bring together the scientific community working in the interdisciplinary field of Liquid Crystals, or mesophases in the broader sense. This community ranges from classical synthetic chemistry to theoretical physics, from structural biology to engineering applications, and is linked by the interest in various aspects of soft matter. Liquid Crystals are nowadays almost omnipresent in many, very different fields of science and this conference will provide a common platform for demonstrating and discussing new developments.

Mainz, August 30, 2012: The conference is now history. With more than 850 participants, about 300 talks and over 500 posters it has been a big success. The scientific gain of the conference cannot be measured simply by numbers, but we are very confident that this conference will have a lasting impact on the development of the field. Of course, the scientific quality is provided by the participants giving lectures and talks and communicating new information at posters. We thank you all for coming, for the numerous open discussions, and for the friendly and optimistic spirit that could be felt during the conference. It has been a pleasure for us to organize this event.

Rudolf Zentel, University of Mainz (chairman)
Klaus Muellen, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (co-chairman)
Harald Pleiner, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (co-chairman)


 Call for Papers (pdf download, 435 KB)





Photo (Copyright): Landeshauptstadt Mainz, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit